Member Achievement: Philip Bohlman and Martha Nussbaum

Dear members of the COSAS community,

We are extremely excited to announce the incredible, and very well-deserved, honor recently bestowed on COSAS members Philip Bohlman, Mary Werkman Distinguished Service Professor of Music and the Humanities, and Martha Nussbaum, Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, who are both recipients of the prestigious 2022 Balzan Prize. The International Balzan Prize Foundation awards four annual awards to scholars and scientists who have established themselves in their field on an international level. Of the four prizes, two are awarded in literature, moral sciences and the arts; and two are awarded in the physical, mathematical and natural sciences or medicine.

Bohlman, an award-winning ethnomusicologist and musician, was honored with the 2022 Balzan Prize in ethnomusicology. His work “interrogates music and culture across space and time, in individual experience, and in encounters with others.” Bohlman’s research in ethnomusicology, music research and the humanities more broadly has explored musical cultures in Europe and South Asia, with specific focus on questions of music and European nationalism; race and the colonial encounter; globalization; the interstices between music and religion; Jewish music in modernity; and historically informed performance of Jewish urban music.

Nussbaum was awarded the 2022 Balzan Prize in moral philosophy, “for her sustained contribution to a wide range of philosophical topics that together redefine our understanding of our ethical being; for her transformative reconception of the goals of social justice, both globally and locally; and for her willingness to bridge the divide between the academy and the wider community.” She is world-renowned for her work in Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, modern Indian political thought, feminist philosophy, and philosophy and the arts.

More information on the prizes can be found here.

Please join us in congratulating both Dr. Nussbaum and Dr. Bohlman on this incredible honor recognizing their groundbreaking work and intellectual leadership in their respective fields.