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Member Achievement: Elena Bashir

Elena Bashir, Senior Lecturer and COSAS Emerita in the Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, has presented her work at multiple conferences over the past few months.

Professor Bashir’s work focuses on the Greater Hindukush-Karakoram area of central and South Asia. She received a Cutler Grant through her membership with COSAS that she used to attend the Fourth International Hindukush Cultural Conference in Chitral, Pakistan in September 2022. She discussed the three Khowar-English dictionaries that she has worked on as well as a pre-publication copy of her recent work, A Khowar-English Glossary.  

A few weeks later, Bashir attended a summer session on “A Multilingual Philosophy of Nature: Reading Eco-Cultural Landscapes across the Hindukush-Karakoram.” The session was held at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Italy. She presented her paper on “Nature and Language in the Greater Hindukush-Karakoram Cultural Area.”

Later in October, Professor Bashir participated in the conference “Roots of Peristan: The pre-Islamic cultures of the Hindukush-Karakoram,” held in Rome, Italy.

Congratulations to Professor Bashir on her continued participation and achievement in the world-wide study of the Greater Hindukush-Karakoram area.