Event Category: South Asia Seminar Series

Daisy Rockwell, International Booker Winner, Translator of Geetanjali Shree’s Tomb of Sand Daisy Rockwell is a painter and translator of Hindi and Urdu literature. An alum of The College at University of Chicago, she also has a PhD from SALC. She has published numerous translations from Hindi and Urdu, including Ashk’s Falling Walls (2015), Bhisham […]

Anne Blackburn, Old Dominion Foundation Professor in the Humanities, Cornell University Based on Blackburn’s new book, this talk presents case studies from locations in what are now Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand, and draws larger historical and methodological proposals from these cases. The lecture highlights varied and historically specific sovereign arguments, made in multiple media, […]

In Bhartṛhari’s philosophy, language and thought are not two distinct entities. Before speech manifests itself, it remains identified with the meaning. Thus, thought and language exist together as one with consciousness. A single indivisible meaningful unit in language is called sphoṭa by grammarians. The unity of sphoṭa is clearly felt over and above the phonemes. […]