Event Category: South Asia Seminar Series

Ganesh N. Devy Obaid Siddiqi Chair Professor at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore, and Professor of Eminence at the Somaiya University, Bombay The lecture will outline three democratic popular movements towards a greater knowledge of India spread over the last three decades deeply impacting Anthropology, Sociology-Linguistics and History. […]

Jann Ronnis Executive Director, Buddhist Digital Resource Center This will be a story about the Dharma’s newest skillful means: computer vision, machine translation, linked data, and other 21st century technologies. The Buddhist Digital Resource Center in Boston is a leader in the digital preservation of Buddhist manuscripts. Over the last 25 years BDRC has digitized […]

Sukanya Sarbadhikary Assistant Professor, Presidency University, Kolkata Jagadish Chandra Bose’s intellectual novelty is much-discussed, as is the severely limiting infrastructural conditions of Presidency College and level of experimental science present at the time in India, under which he produced such genius. Another often-asserted dimension of his work is the seamless mixing of demonstrative science with […]

Upal Chakrabarti Assistant Professor, Presidency University, Kolkata When the Presidency College of Calcutta was established by the East India Company’s government in 1855, none of the Indian universities had yet come into existence. In the years to come, apart from offering undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the Arts and the Sciences, the college also held […]

Afsar Mohammad Senior Lecturer in South Asian Studies, Department of South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania This talk is about the making of an alternative history of 1948 Police Action in Hyderabad. Despite an unprecedented violence and trauma, the history of 1948 Police Action in Hyderabad was totally ignored by mainstream histories. By juxtaposing oral […]