Not Your Average Chai

May 27, 2020 - 4pm

Virtual Event

In lieu of chai on Fridays, COSAS will be hosting a different version of Chai via Zoom. We’ll determine the frequency of the program based on the turnouts and interest. We know that the pandemic presents its fair share of challenges, both academically and in terms of mental health, for faculty and students. In “Not Your Average Chai,” we will aim to create a space similar to chai where students and/or faculty can discuss topics informally and freely, to hopefully ameliorate some of these difficulties. Our first session will be on Wednesday, May 27th, at 4pm, via Zoom. The conversation starter will be: “How to Stay Productive and Positive as a Graduate Student during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” The discussion will primarily be geared towards graduate students managing their research and well-being during this time of transition, although all are welcome to join.

The meeting information is below:
Meeting ID: 984 6038 3153