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Great Lakes Adiban Society Workshop 2022

October 1 &2, 2022 - Times Listed Below

Foster Hall 103

GLAS is an informal academic organization that provides a regional forum for scholars of Islamicate adab, particularly of the medieval and early modern periods, to meet and share their work. We leave our parameters of language and genre intentionally open in order to invite as wide a collaboration as can be useful, but as a group we are generally interested in the literary production of the broad complex of premodern Muslim societies across the Eastern Hemisphere. This includes the major Islamicate languages of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu, as well as many others (Armenian, Kurdish, Georgian, Hebrew, Spanish, etc.) that participate in similar literary conventions. 

Please email for further information and the schedule.  

Saturday, October 1, 9:00am–3:30pm (Central Time)
Sunday, October 2, 9:00am–4:15pm (Central Time) 

Remote participation: Register at 

Co-sponsored by COSAS