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Droṇācāryakusumāñjalī: A Conference in Honor of Gary Tubb

December 8-9, 9am-5pm

Foster 103

“Skill, care for others’ well-being, humility, patience, forbearance, and an utter lack of selfish greed– such are the splendid fruits of wisdom’s fullest flowering.” -Kshemendra

This two-day conference celebrates the learning, the teaching, and the friendship of Gary Tubb, the Anupama and Guru Ramakrishnan Professor of Sanskrit emeritus in the Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations. In keeping with Tubb’s manifold contribution to Indian studies– and with his personality– a group of his students, friends, and colleagues gather together to discuss Sanskrit poetry, explore issues in the long history of Indic thought, trade stories, and tell jokes.

See the schedule here.

Co-sponsored by the Committee on Southern Asian Studies and the Franke Institute for the Humanities.