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Dismantling Global Hindutva

September 10 - September 12, 2021

Virtual Event

This conference will convene panels on a variety of interlinked topics that address the threat and power of Hindutva. Scholars, journalists, and activists will examine the historical development of Hindutva, the fascist dimensions of the ideology, its alignment with other supremacist movements and define all that is at stake across a range of political, socio-cultural, and economic issues. We also aim for the conference to be a space for examining the history of dissent and resistance against Hindutva. Dalit and Feminist traditions have long resisted the singular narrative of Hinduism adopted by Hindu Supremacists. A broader coalition of activists from progressive communities have mobilized to enable both material and ideological divestment from Hindutva. Drawing inspiration from such collectivities, we expect to develop resources for anti-Hindutva pedagogy and organizing in educational and cultural institutions everywhere.

Speakers Include: Anand Patwardhan | Ayesha Kidwai | Banu Subramaniam | Bhanwar Meghwanshi | Christophe Jaffrelot | Kavita Krishnan | Meena Kandasamy | Mohammad Junaid | Nandini Sunder | Neha Dixit | P. Sivakami

Cosponsors Include Departments and Centers at: Northwestern | UC Berkeley | UChicago | Columbia | Harvard | UPenn | Princeton | Stanford

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